I break everything. Just this week I dropped my iPad case, ruined it but thankfully my iPad is fine. And my favorite headphones!! I am really bummed out. With my iPad it was just another case of often clumsiness but my headphone mishap really bothered me. I got one of the buds stuck between two… I guess they are pieces of wood to form a porch, they have bud-sized gaps between them. I was angry and just yanked it out, causing the whole side to detach from the original earphones.

Anyways, I am really frustrated because I want to listen to music and go for a walk… The morale of the story is to not become mad so quickly. To just take a deep breath and let it go. Don’t blame people even if it is their faults and don’t make them feel bad when bad thing happen because of their immense stupidity. No, not angry. All the little bad things add up, remind yourself of the good things. Christmas is coming soon. You have a good book to read. You are not starving. It’s raining. English is next. Math is over in 10 minuets. You only have to deal with this person for the rest of this year. focus on the good things in life.

A quote that I like is…




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