10 Things I’m Thankful For


Ok, so I know that I should have waited for this post but I couldn’t think of anything else to blog about. This is a happy type of post, if that makes any sense. These types of posts are ones you should think of everyday. These are the types of thoughts that make you happy, that make you grateful.

  1. My friends, who I can tell anything too. It’s been a while since I have had this type of relationship, it’s nice.
  2. The basic ones, but still ones to be thankful for! That I am breathing, healthy, have food, a good school and life.
  3. For my brother, who has taught me so much about the world. I honestly think that I would be a different person if he hadn’t been born, or if he were different. I love him so much, even if he drives me crazy most of the time.
  4. A good book, I am still on Paper Towns by John Green. It’s taking me awhile, but I already love it. Just waiting for the heart break, the death, even though the whole book if thought provoking I am waiting for that wow moment. That moment that makes you think of the meaning of life.
  5. That Catching Fire came out even if I haven’t seen it yet. And the fact, yes fact, that I will see it. I have heard that it is really good, have any of you guys seen it? Is it good? I bet it is! I can’t wait to watch it, why can’t the weekend speed up?
  6. That this week is short, just remembered that. Tomorrow is the last day of the week!! A 4 day weekend, sounds perfect! I get to sleep in, eat good food, see family, blog, read, and watch Catching Fire!
  7. That I have a wonderful family (at least on my Dad’s side…) that I may have the wrong idea of, possibly… That are really good chefs and make the best Thanksgiving food! And that they are welcoming to my family…
  8. For hope. For possibilities. The fact that tomorrow can be better if you make it. The fact that only you can control your life, even if others have large holds over your decisions. The fact that it’s just a bad day and not a bad life. Hope.
  9. I live in a beautiful place. Even if I want to leave I can respect that I live in a wonderful place. That I have a nice neighborhood. That the drive to and from school is pretty. That some of my garden is growing.
  10. For my family. I know I already did my brother but everyone else now. They support me, worry over me and are always there for me. I am lucky to have that. And I love them. Most of the time.
  11. One more, you guys! Thank you for reading my blog! I love getting notifications that say that someone liked a post or commented. You guys make my day! And I think I like blogging, pretty sure! 🙂 Thanks g

What are you guys thankful for? Have a good day and week! Happy Early Thanksgiving!




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