Catching Fire


I finally saw Catching Fire!!! It was sooooo goood! I really enjoyed it! 

  • I think that the movie peoples made the scenes and that type of stuff really well. To me, it seemed as realistic as Panem can get. It inspired me to want to work in the movie industry…. Well….
  • I can’t remember the book very well, but from what I can remember it followed the book very well! I was worried that the movie wouldn’t fit with the book, like in the first movie, but I was gladly surprised!
  • The outfits! During the first movie and the second, I loved the outfits! They are so imaginative and uncomfortable looking! But I was just amazed while watching Effie. And Effie! She was awesome in this movie! I think that she really fit the part. She tried to be optimistic but you could see the… Fire burning in her; a small flame of hatred for the Capitol. She really developed this almost motherly relationship with “her victors.” You could see she was really sad (who wouldn’t be?) that her two victors were going into the games again.Image

This was my favorite dress of Effie’s! Which ones did you guys like?

  • On the same note, the actors and actresses! I felt that the perfect people were picked! I doubt I was the only one who thought that Finnick otherwise known as Sam Clafin, was cute! XD I usually don’t get actor crushes but he is an exception… And Johna Mason (Jena Malone)? She kicked butt! They are my two favorite people now! Sorry Katniss and Peeta… Oh, and Prim (Willow Shields) Even her real name is cool! I am glad that Catching Fire showed more! And we get to see more in the Mockingjay… And we get to see her when we really don’t want to see whats about to happen…
  • The Itunes soundtrack is super cool! Not the noise one, the one with voices… I really like Lorde’s Everybody Wants To Rule the World. 

Did you guys see Catching Fire? Have anything to add? Sorry about my writing and the points, for some reason I am tired… And I hardly did anything today. Oh, well. It’s just one of those days. 🙂 Remember Who the Real Enemy Is. 



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