Sunday Sweets and Smiles!

Sunday Sweets and Smiles!

Hi guys! How was your weekend?
1. As you all now, Catching Fire made me smile and fangirl. Also, I really like the voice soundtrack! My favorite song so far is Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Lorde. And, did you guys see the Divergent Trailer? I couldn’t stop shaking my Mom’s shoulder while we were watching it and fangirling… If you haven’t seen it, click this!
2. Beautiful Mess! I love their blog and I recently got their photo idea book!!! I haven’t tried anything yet but I’ve been reading it!!! I can’t wait to go take pictures!!! This is their blog!
3. Teardrop by Lauren Kate! This is my latest book. So far it has been slow, but her Fallen series was slow to but it got better! I hope this is as good of a book as her first series!
4. Paper Towns by John Green. I just finished this book and I am in shock. It was so good, well it’s a John Green book! And it wasn’t tragic or tear jerking! Well, maybe a little but now as traumatizing as Looking for Alaska or the Fault in Our Stars. I will do a review on Tuesday, I forgot to do Pinterest on Friday! So, I’ll do that on Monday instead.
🙂 Have a good week! And thanks to the Duck and the Owl for this awesome Sunday tradition that I should do more!!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Sweets and Smiles!

  1. Looking forward to the review of Paper Towns, I always want to read John Green’s books but they all seem so sad and I don’t like sad books.

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