Pinterest 17!

Pinterest 17!

Hi guys! This week has been crazy! Sooo much science homework! Today grades ended! Yipeee!!!!! Done, done, done! Now I just need to pass tomorrows test and get into a good high school….

The Nelson Mandela quote. I don’t know much about him, I suppose most of the stuff he did was before I was born. And I live in a family that doesn’t really talk about the world’s troubles, you find out whats happening on your own. I’ve never really liked news or what happening, so I never learned much about him. In class we talked about him, and wow. I… I always thought problems like what was happening in South Africa happened years ago, that people had changed now. Knew that was wrong. It surprised me that anyone could ever do that, suppress South Africans. Nelson Mandela was a very brave and confident and a leader, a person who could change the world. And did.

2. I really like that type of photography, I wish I knew how to do that.

3. Cute kitty!

4. I had the strongest urge to escape. To just get away. To run and never stop. But then I looked down at the rest of my science homework… To me, escaping only happens when you are an adult. When your an adult you have a car to drive in. A house or room or space of your own. A job that hopefully makes you happy. The freedom to have no one telling you what to do. Except your boss of course. But, there is this gleam of freedom. This magic idea of 18 of leaving for collage. To get away from this small place I live in. To just get away.

4. I wasn’t sure what to do for the fashion picture. I like this picture. I like the way the photo was taken.

Have a good day! Have a good weekend!!


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