Performing and Concerts


Hi guys! I play clarinet, i’ve been playing for a year and I love it. Tomorrow is my first concert of the school year, and I am sooooo excited! I love concerts, I love playing for audiences…. So I decided to make a list of all the reasons why I love performing and band. 🙂 I like lists and pictures. Although, I like Marvel and X-Men better than the Justice League. Sorry DC lovers!

  1. I like when the songs sound right, when nothing goes wrong and we sound great
  2. I like when the clarinets have a solo, when the slightly annoying and high (hopefully not squeaking) sound of the clarinets rises above everyone else.
  3. I also like when just I have the solo….
  4. I like seeing everyone’s outfits. Even if we all have to wear white above black it’s interesting to see everyone’s different combinations. I think that what people wear says something about them.
  5. I like the feeling in the air before the concert, when we are eating, getting changed, sitting in our seats, putting our instruments together, the moment before we play.
  6. When we are playing, when all the hard work that was put into the song is worth it.
  7. I like the applause after the song is finished.

Oh, and by the way this isn’t like the band above. I just liked the picture. Some things I dislike about performing is…

  1. I sit next to the saxophones and in front of the trumpets, I swear one day I am going to go deaf.
  2. When I squeak
  3. When other people mess up
  4. When I get lost
  5. When the music sheet falls to the ground
  6. When the concert ends. All that hard work for an hour of playing? Not even an hour…

So, kind of a useless post but I wanted to share this. Playing clarinet is really important to me, and brings me much happiness. Also, I won’t be posting tomorrow. Wish me luck! And have a great day and week!!!


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