Hi guys! 101 followers!!!! Can you believe that? I’ve only been blogging for…. About 5 months? To me that’s a huge surprise! Thank you so very much for following me and listening to my crazy rants. I know I am a bit of a fluff writer, sorry. So, I decided that I should…. I guess I’ll make a list. A list about blogging. Things I love, things I feel like I should improve on, things i’ve learned, that type of stuff. And we shall call it the… Odd Blog List I know, not a very good name.

Odd Blog List
1. I love reading comments, it makes me happy that someone is listening.

2. I like creating collages for my blog

3. I like when inspiration hits me, and when I feel like I am writing a good post

4. I wish I wrote more inspiring posts instead of my problems. I don’t want to bore you, I want to bring a smile to your face. I just don’t know how to do that yet.

5. I don’t like when I get frustrated about not knowing how to make a better blog. Meaning better posts and looks.

6. I like all the bloggers I have meet and all the new friends I have. 🙂

7. I like reading their posts and other people’s posts

8. I feel bad when I haven’t read posts in awhile, like I have been lately.

9. I think it’s funny that I added periods to some of my points but not too all of them.

10. I like having something that is my own, my own blog. Something that no one can tell me what to do with it

11. I don’t like when I am jealous over blogs, like I am a lot

12. I wish that I knew better posts to write

13. I learned that I like lists, which surprisingly I didn’t really know

14. I am proud of the widgets i have figured out, even if I still have a lot more to learn

15. I like when I get notifications that I have a new follower, thanks!

16. I like Pinterest Days

Thanks guys! Tomorrow is finally Friday, and the end of this quarter! Hello winter break! And Christmas which is coming up!!! Have a good day everybody! (More like night now…)


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