Forest Friends Book Club, Grave Mercy!


Hi guys! Sorry I am a day late, I didn’t have any energy yesterday! It’s winter break and it’s still as hot as summer…. I heard that California and Oregon as well as the states around them are having a cold winter. Lucky them.
Now, to Gave Mercy!

At first I was a little wary of this book. To me the writing feels so unnatural, but as I kept reading on I learned to love the writing. The book is set in what seems to be some mediaeval times, one of my favorite parts of history! I think that the author Robin LaFevers is a really good author. I understand the main character Ismae, one of my favorite characters. You really… I don’t know, feel the story. It’s one of those magical portals, it’s great!

We watched and hated Ismae’s new husband, got excited when she escaped him, got maybe a little freaked out by the ninja nuns of death, and was rushed three years into the future. In my opinion, the beginning was a little rushed. Maybe LaFevers could have just gave us hints of her past but started at the convent. Other than that, I loved the first 133 pages!

Although I love Ismae, she is not my favorite character. Neither is the crazily insane Sybella, although she is a close favorite. (I hope and know we will see more of her!) My favorite character is Annith. Surprising? I hope that we get to see more of her, that she really is being kept away from the world because of some awesome gift she has. I also hope she gets to see the world. I like her usually cheerful (I might be wrong, I should have taken notes after I finished the book on Tuesday. Wait, the first 133 pages, not the whole book although I can’t wait to read the next few pages!!) I like that she is not completely angry at Ismae when she leaves. I am glad that she has a hard time with corpses, someone should!

Which brings me to my next point. Why is everyone so ready to kill? Why do they think that this is good? Before I wrote this I was reading the Duck and Owl’s review and they brought up this point which made me think. I know that Ismae has a bad past, but does that make it ok to kill men because she was wronged by them? I don’t think so. I hope Duval can knock some sense into her! Oh, I like Duval a lot! I know Ismae is going to fall for him, I just hope he falls for her too. He doesn’t seem like the guy who falls in love… Freely. I don’t know how to say this, Ismae doesn’t seem like the girl to fall in love either. I just hope that they two fall in love and save the world. You know, the usual!

I can’t wait to read up to… Page 266? I don’t know, I need to finish reading everyone’s reviews! Have a great weekend, Christmas Break and Christmas! 11 days and counting down!



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