Pinterest 19!

Pinterest 19!

Howdy, everybody! Happy Sunday! 9 more days until Christmas!!! Yeah!! Sorry, I couldn’t find any art I really wanted to share….
I really like shadows in pictures! I think that it would be fun to take a picture like the flower girl one, I am just not sure what I would take a picture of…
The other photo I like as well! I like not only shadow pictures but pictures that have obvious focus points and blurry backgrounds..

That quote is a new year’s resolution for me. To see the good in the place I live in. To try to see my sibling’s good points even when I want to kill ’em. To not wish I was somewhere else, to not want to escape. And, to find good photo places! To find/take great pictures!

I like simple clothes. Cute and interesting shirts over comfy jeans or skirts. I don’t wear dresses casually. I would so love that cat shirt for Christmas! 🙂

Have a good day and week! Winter Break officially starts tomorrow! I might go to see Thor or maybe Frozen…. What do you guys think? What are the best movies out now?


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