Christmas Wish list!

Christmas Wish list!

Hi guys! I’ve seen a lot of Christmas Wish lists, so I decided to make one too.

1.Project Life scrapbook kit. I like all of the kits, but from what I’ve seen the Sunshine Edition is the starter kit! I have a scrapbook that I’ve been using for awhile, i’ll glue/tape the cards and other stuff to make it more exciting!

2. Vintage camera bag! How cool would that be? My camera bag feels ancient! It’s got holes and fraying edges. I’d love a new bag!

3. My parents and I sort of killed the whole surprise factor in Christmas gifts, we just tell each other now…. This is an interesting writing book that I would love to read and gets tips from!

4. Boots! Ok, I already have a pair of black boots and I love them! I just never know what to wear with them, they seem so.. Eye drawing in a way, attention seeking. Yeah, that’s not me.

5. I would love to go somewhere, anywhere, away from home. I might be going to Oregon in summer as some sort of graduation gift!!!!!!!!!!! I am trying to not get too excited (and failing) but that would be soooo cool!!! I know that’s not a Christmas gift but… And my Grandmother is coming in January, the most important gift would be for that to become set in stone. I really would love to see her!

I also know that Christmas is not just about getting it is really about giving! And I am thinking of a post to spread that message…. For now I am excited thinking about the presents under the tree…. That are to come. At the moment we have a sad, decorated but gift empty tree…. Have a good day!


4 thoughts on “Christmas Wish list!

    1. No, I hadn’t even thought of that! I suppose I just like brown accessories. 😀 If I get them then i’d match, which would be awesome for the whole photography look I’ll be going for…

      1. They would look really good together. I didn’t even know they made camera bags that looked like that, I’ve only ever seen the boring black padded ones.

      2. Thats the type of bag I have now! I didn’t know either until I stumbled upon one when I was looking at photography books on Amazon, they also have these really cool camera straps! They have fun different patterns that make your camera even more exciting!

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