Christmas Traditions!

Winter to me is all about lazy days (and family!). Staying up late watching good movies and finally sleeping in without any worry about school! Reading books like crazy, and wearing pajamas all day! Some other fun I enjoy doing during Christmas is….


  1. Eggnog. I love eggnog. It’s a very important part of Christmas to my Dad and me, I guess I have to add my sister as well… My Mother doesn’t like the stuff (a crime against humanity!) and my brother doesn’t care… I love getting the Christmas mugs from the back of the cupboard and pouring the¬†deliciousness in! I love trying to take small sips so that the eggnog last longer but ending up draining it too quickly..
  2. Getting a Christmas tree! For the past two years my family has gone to a Christmas tree farm! We didn’t know that it existed until my sister’s friend’s family took us one year. Sadly, this year they ran out of the good trees! I have a small house so we have to get one of the small trees and I guess everyone else had the same idea too! It was a very sad day when we learned of this. We then went to the plant nursery and got a pretty awesome tree, but it’s still more fun to actually pick your tree out at a farm…
  3. Decorating the tree! We listen to holiday music, I showed my Mom how amazing Pandora is and the Christmas selection they had. And bring the huge and heavy box from storage! In that box is memories. Every ornament has some story. So, we decorate the tree and recount stories from the past! It’s awesome!
  4. Elf, probably one of the best Christmas movies ever! We watch it every year but we haven’t seen it yet…
  5. Counting the presents and putting our presents in certain sections. This is my sister and my tradition, we both go on different sides of the tree and put the presents from our family there. This year however we have hardly gotten any presents, we have a sad and present less tree. My Mom and I joked that we we’re a bad family this year and is only getting coal…

What are your Christmas traditions? Have a great day and rest of your week!



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