Grave Mercy, discussion 2!


Hi guys! Sorry, I was being lazy yesterday… So, this week we are focusing on predictions. I have to say I am the type of reader who just gets lost and doesn’t exactly think ahead.

But there was many things that caught my eye this past week. One of them is, De Lornay’s loyalty towards Duval. Was that crazy, or what? I am hoping we learn about the history between the two. Something big must have happened between them, Duval saving his life? Or maybe he is plotting against him, he certainly has most of Duval’s trust.

Another thing, Duval’s mother… She sure is… Interesting. The relationship between her and Duval, and her and her daughter the duchess, is odd. I hope that she does not succeed in overthrowing her daughter and Duval. She bothers me. The thing is, they don’t even seem related. Not even close. I was confused at first, thinking that of course she wasn’t his mother. I thought that maybe they were past lovers or something with the way that they acted with each other. Not mother and son! Once I understood that I had a even harder time trying to believe that she is his mother.

The hopeless romantic in me is rooting for Ismae and Duval! Wouldn’t they be adorable together… Well, maybe adorable isn’t the right word. Can an assassin nun be adorable? But it seems like they both have trust issues, that makes sense when you think of their past…. But, still I hope and know, that Ismae and Duval will figure everything out…

And the assassin nuns are getting me even more suspicious… How can Ismae have such faith in killing people? I kind of hope that they nuns are planning some evil plan, it would be interesting to read about…

Thank you Sarah and Kaitlyn and Hollis for picking an awesome book to read! This week we will be reading to page 401!! I can’t wait to see what happens next! Have a great Saturday and rest of your week! Christmas is only 4 days away!!!!!



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