Pinterest 18

Pinterest 18

Hi, guys! Last week it was really the 18th week but I forgot and put 19, so today I corrected everything…. How was your guys weekend? Mine was slow, and wonderful!

Hooray! It’s today, I love todays! ( I just really wanted to say that..) One of my new years resolutions, and yes I am thinking of a post about that, is to enjoy everyday. To take time and smell the roses, as the other picture says. This is going to be a big thing for me. I tend to get stressed and worried, and overall in a bad mood. I am working on taking a little time each day just for me, maybe gardening so that I can actually have flowers to smell….

And I am going to take a lot more pictures! Isn’t that so cool, that picture? I’d love to learn how to do that!

And the ever present simple fashion picture!

Have a good day and week! Yeah!!! Christmas!!! It’s only 3 days away! Just this Wednesday! I love Wednesdays, I was born on one!


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