Pinterest 20!

Pinterest 20!

How was your guy’s holidays? Mine was great!!! I totally pigged out…

It is really important to me to sound optimistic. That’s what I am known for. But I am having a hard time thinking positive, does that make sense? I know how to fake it, I am pretty good at it. And sometimes I do feel that, but when I am alone or in a crowded place even, I get real bummed out. I start degrading myself and everything. I bring my mood down and then I just ruin everything.

The other picture is more of a New Years goal. I am a creature of habit (aren’t we all?) I want to take a step out of my comfort zone. I want to be the crazy optimistic girl who goes with the flow. Not the awkward girl who over thinks everything.

I really like that picture. I wish I lived in a pretty place, the type of place that you take pictures of. Or had a chance to go to a place where you can take cool pictures.

I like that outfit, that type of style. I have been very frustrated over my wardrobe lately. I’ve been frustrated about myself…

Hope you guys had a fantabulous week! And have an even greater weekend! Sadly, I haven’t finished this weeks reading quota…. I am working on that except I got Fangirl for Christmas and I am really enjoying reading it over. I just got to the Nick part, after all the writing nights before the finals…. Grrrr…..


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