Who I am! #1 Zero to Hero Blogger post!

Hi guys! I decided to join the Zero to Hero Bloggers group (is it called group?) This post is an introduction, which seems like a good post for the beginning of the year.

Hello, my name is Taylor. I am blogging because I wanted to have a hobby that made me happy and made other people happy to read it. I wanted to form friendships and have something that was mine. (This all happened! Thanks everybody!) As I began blogging more I felt that this blog became too much of a diary, and that’s not what I want. I want to create something that makes others happy. A feel good blog. That’s the type of posts I want to share/write.

I like posting pictures. This year I am going to try to post more pictures, which will make me take more pictures. I like photography and I want to get better at it. I also post artsy pictures, Pinterest pictures. I love Pinterest, most of my pictures are from it. I like sharing pictures that made me smile, laugh or inspired me. Not only artsy pictures, I post pictures with quotes and photo and fashion inspiration.

I guess I am trying to find ways to be happy. Being happy is important to me, as it should be. I try to be optimistic and energetic. In fact that’s what I am known for, I like that type of reputation. But I am having a hard time actually being happy. When I am not in the public, I feel that show ending. I know that you can never be happy all of the time, I just want to be happy most of the time. So I try to post about happy things, most of my quotes are about ways to be happy.

The Odd Land of Me, interesting tittle. I think I am odd, and I love that fact. I try to be odd and different. It comes all to naturally, not fitting in and being awkward. I do say some weird things, we doesn’t? This felt very formal and stiff to write. I wasn’t really sure how to do an introduction. So…. Hi and thank you for reading this and taking the time to be in this Odd Land. Have a good day!


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