Pinterest 21!

Pinterest 21!

Hi guys! How has your Friday been going? I had some money to Barnes and Nobles and I got some great new books!!! For todays Zero to Hero Blogger challenge we had to ad a text widget that said what our blog was about (I think) so I copied some from yesterday’s post!
Moving on to Pinterest…

My Mom recently asked me if reading so many books helped me in life besides when I am in school. I responded of course, my fictional friends help me. Well, I didn’t want her to think that I have imaginary friends, I just said I often ask myself what this person would do in this situation. They inspire me, add to my confidence. I try to pretend that I am them, I chose a confident and sometimes impulsive person and I just do whatever it is that I am trying to get myself to do. I was thinking about that when I looked at the Fictional friends picture….

I think that happy people look more pleasant than people who are always thinking bad thoughts. More approachable.

Have a good day and weekend! School starts next week, the horror.


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