Favorite Photography Blogs!

Hi guys! I finally have to time to blog! My first week back to school has been jam packed! I don’t know how people have any time to do anything other than school work! I like lists and photography, so why not put the two together? So, I have put together a list of some of my favorite photography blogs. There not in any order, just whatever came to my mind.

1. Infinite Satori


“I’m Stephanie Dandan. I’m a nomadic photographer, writer/blogger, wanderer, adventurer, and dreamer. I have this insatiable passion for life, all its wonders that exists within and without, everything seen and unseen. Photography is my life. It’s in everything I do, everything I see, everything I touch, hear, feel, everything. It’s in me. It was in me before I even learned how to work a camera because it’s how I see everything with my eyes open and closed.”

Soon Stephanie Dandan will be embarking on a journey! The Wanders. She will be traveling Asia and taking pictures. Sounds fun!

2. Julia Trotti


“Professional, engaging, passionate and highly talented are just some of the words that come to mind

when asked to describe the high-grade photography produced by Julia Trotti. Julia has well and truly hit her stride as a photographer, having come a long way since her humble beginnings.” 

She is probably my favorite photography blog! I love her pictures!

3. Nishe


4. Sincerely, Kinsey


“My name is Kinsey Mhire. I’m a photographer planted in the Midwest. My husband is an independent musician. The hope and goal of my little niche of the web is to inspire individuals and contribute to the pool of amazing talent out there. To those who aspire to live a creative lifestyle as much as myself. “

Kinsey Mhire does not only post pictures. I really like her blog!

5. Searching For Tomorrow 


“I photograph – everything and anything, really. It’s what I do to be alive, both in the sense that it fills my creative hunger as well as supports financially. I spend my days watching the world through a lens; I like the way it feels to see things that way. Art is in my blood, but blood makes me faint so I’m forever grateful I don’t have to see it. Let’s not think about blood.”

I found this blog while I was searching for a fifth blog to show. Her pictures are really beautiful. And, her blog name is creative! Searching For Tomorrow, I like it.

Ok, gotta get back to my homework! 😦 Hope you liked the pictures and check out the blogs! Have a good day and rest of your week! Tomorrow is finally Friday!!!!


5 thoughts on “Favorite Photography Blogs!

  1. Ooh this is going to give me lots to look over in my lunch break. I checked out Royal Teeth the other day and loved them, UK Spotify only has Glow but I had that album on repeat all day.

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