Pinterest 22!

Pinterest 21!

Hi guys! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday or practically all week or read any blog posts, school. I am… Very devoted to school, I try and usually succeed in getting high marks. Which I like and try my best to get the highest scores. And well, yesterday I was lazy. After school all I did was read (Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck, I am really liking it!). Moving on, today’s Pinterest sort of focuses on dreams.

First picture, I think that ‘small’ dreams, are just goals. Dreams keep you up at night planning and plotting towards them. They make you excited and make your eyes shine when you talk about them. Or perhaps, you don’t talk about them. You keep them in, locked up, silently striving towards them. Sometimes, usually, your dreams surprise you, sometimes they only surprise the people around you. Which is sad, because maybe they don’t know you as well as they thought or you hoped.

I wasn’t sure which sort of style picture to put in. Most of my pinterest style pictures are from blogs, and I think I am going to post another link list like I did for my favorite photography blogs. So, I wanted to save those. 🙂

To me the photograph says freedom. The ocean in general is a peaceful artwork of nature, calming. What is that? Is she holding a… Honestly, it looks like a tutu. Well, it seems like it is meant to look like wings. Which I love, I like feathers in general. I associate wings (and feathers) with freedom. A free bird can go wherever it pleases, without the say-so from anyone else. Without packing or planning. I like planes too.

Another dream quote. Times going to past anyway, why not do something you really want? Other than saying it’s too hard, it will take too long. Time is passing while you say that.

Have a wonderful day and a fantabulous weekend!


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