Zero To Hero Blogger! Day 11


Hi guys! Todays challenge is to comment on three blogs! It was suggested that you could post the blogs you commented and hinted that you should remember them. So I decided that I would share who I commented on today!

1. What Comes Next Reviews
Ishmael, I mean Jess, shared an amazing review for the intriguing mystery, We Were Liars! It sounds really good! Jess didn’t want to share anything so she put a list of ways on HOW to read the book. Basically, don’t read in public and bring tissues as well as not to read any spoilers! By doing this I think she has made me want to read this book even more! Sadly, the book comes out May 13!!! 😦

2. EatReadGlam Rosie shared some pictures about her week, which including her adorable cate, Crunchie! Rosie does this every week, I like looking at the pictures! 🙂 Also, she shared that she saw the Secret Life of Walter Mitty which I am dying to see! Everyone who has seen that I know of has loved it and had good things to say!

3. I think I commented on ThatGraceGirl but it’s not showing up. Her post was about a super cool magazine about blogs! It’s called Blogosphere magazine! It sounds really good! It showcases blogs from many different subjects such as photography, food and fashion. Also I few others but I can’t remember them. When I heard about this I raced to see if it was in the Newstand. I am having a hard time finding it…

Have a good day and week! Sorry that this is so late and that I, like last week, I probably won’t post much this week. 😦


6 thoughts on “Zero To Hero Blogger! Day 11

    1. I agree! She replied to me and I can buy it as a PDF! Which I might, I would like to read it! I can’t wait to read We Were Liars, I’ve been thinking, why does is say ‘were’ as in the past tense? Maybe it has someone’s memories…

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