52 Lists Project, Week 3!


Hi guys! Yes, I am still alive and kicking! 🙂 This week has been a little crazy, this list will be a good thing to do. I try not to boast, try really being the underlined word. I hate arrogant people, I don’t want to sound like them. So I guess this is my chance to… Be arrogant for a reason. Thanks to MooreaSeal for coming up with this idea!

  1. That I survived standardized testing and didn’t do half bad
  2. I understand my band music now!
  3. I got into the school I am at now
  4. Last quarter I got a 4.0
  5. I don’t like soda
  6. I love reading and am never forced to read. (I can’t imagine being forced to read)
  7. That I am blogging right now
  8. That I have survived this week and all of those past weeks
  9. That I’ve been kind to a very annoying girl at school
  10. I am among the few who haven’t snapped at my teacher
  11. I act happy even when I am not, kind to people I dislike
  12. I am proud of my friends
  13. That I don’t sound like a dying duck on my clarinet anymore, (at least I hope I don’t)
  14. I was selected to be apart of this choir thing
  15. I got the highest score on a test a lot of people did bad on
  16. I am on page 11 of an essay, most people are below 6 pages and the requirement is 8 pages. And I still have more writing to do!
  17. That I have a slight idea of what I want to do in the future
  18. That I have a hard working ethic

So, that’s me. I couldn’t really think of anything. 🙂 Now, I’ve got to go and study (blah) for a math test…. One I do NOT feel confident on. Have a wonderful Friday! FRIDAY IS TOMORROW! Finally.


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