Pinterest 23!

Pinterest 23!

Hi guys! We made it, it’s Friday! Since last week (sorta) I’ve been trying to focus my pinterest pictures on a certain picture, last week it was kinda the lace picture. This week it is the definition of serendipity. Which is a really fun word to say.

My second quote is something I think everyone should do. Train your mind to see the good in everything. Ok, 5 good things about today: my sister is asleep, it’s finally Friday, I got to go to Starbucks with my friends for awhile, I am listening to good music right now, it looks like it is going to rain!

I want to do that one day, get one of those name tags and writing ‘Glad You Exist’ instead of my name.

The photographer got the lighting perfect, in my opinion. It’s a really nice photo. And to me it looks like she is amazed by the light. She found beauty in a slice of light. What a simple thing, but the photographer was inspired. I was trying to find a picture with the sun in the background, but when I saw this I thought it fit it perfectly.

Have a good Friday and weekend!


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