Paula Bonet

Paula Bonet

Hi guys! Today, as I promised awhile ago, I am doing a collage on Paula Bonet! Well, collage may not be the right word. Shout out? Anyways, this is a post dedicated to her amazing artwork!

“Until relatively not so long ago her style combined pictorial work of engraving and oil paint. She mastered lithography, silk-screen and woodcut printing at the Taller99 of Santiago de Chile and at Urbino, Italy. However, her impulsive temperament collided with the wait and patience needed on the use of those techniques, and the difficulty of incorporating text fragments accompanying the images, which was needed based on her judgment, made her swap oil paint, copper, wood, to ink pens, watercolors and India ink. As a result a faster and more direct approach was achieved, and those speed and immediacy are demanded features of her most recent oeuvre.
And this quickness it is also applicable to the way her work has spread though the internet: Just like gunpowder. Nowadays she receives commissions from different places like Mexico, Hong Kong or Paris.”

So that is Paula Bonet from her website! Ok, I don’t know if it will work or not but I tried to put the link on the picture! So if you would like go check out more of her artwork! I really like it! Have a wonderful Sunday and week!


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