Pinterest 24!

Pinterest 24!

Hi guys! How was your week? Mine was hectic. 🙂 I am sooooooo excited!!!! I got Into the Still Blue, member that book I was saying how much I wanted to read it!!! Well, now I have it! 🙂 EEEEK!
So, anyways, this week’s theme is chasing your dreams…. I think. I couldn’t find a good 4th picture. I was looking at dream catchers, art and maps but couldn’t find the right fit. I was inspired by the Walt Disney quote and latter found the other one, and the lighting in the middle picture felt dreamlike too me. This is a message I need to get across to myself. If I want it, I should just go for it! If I really want to become a writer or a photographer, well I need to put a plan into action. Write! Take pictures! Live life to it’s fullest! Carpe Diem! And all of that wawa.
So, I am going back to reading my book! (Yeah!!!!) Have a good Friday and I will be seeing you guys again tomorrow! 🙂


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