Zero To Hero Blogger! Day 28.

Zero To Hero Blogger! Day 28.

Hi guys! Sadly school starts tomorrow. 😦 Happier news, the Seahawks won the Super Bowl!!! Yeah! Good for them. I am not really a sports fan but I am happy that Seattle won, I like Seattle. πŸ™‚

So, a few days ago the challenge was to revisit your most liked post. Yesterday’s picture got 14 likes!!! I think that is my most liked post, ever! Thanks guys! I wasn’t so sure about my sign picture, I am really glad that you guys liked it!!! The sign, although you couldn’t see it, said EMERGENCY RESPONSE LOCATION 89 A, FOR EMERGENCIES CALL 911. With a lot of graffiti over it. It’s the sign right at the entrance of this beach. I went at a perfect time, right before sunset so the sky looked beautiful!

Hope you guys like the picture! Oh, and if you would like I started a Flickr account! Have a wonderful week! (click the picture to see my Flickr account!)


4 thoughts on “Zero To Hero Blogger! Day 28.

  1. the color of the water is one of my favorite colors of blue green – oh this is such a good shot. I also like the sky and the people – nice photo. You did make it at the perfect time. πŸ™‚

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