Valentines DIY Links!

Valentines DIY Links!

Hi guys! Can you believe Valentines is this Friday? Wow. I don’t have a boyfriend or anything. But I think it’s a nice idea, a special day to tell everyone that you love them. Which, everyone should be doing anyways… But still.
Here are some fun, and relatively easy sounding, Valentines projects!

1. The cards aren’t exactly DIYs. They are print outs! I think they look pretty.
2. I love these arrows! I like arrow patterns and feathers, so these are perfect for me! My house is usually decked out in bright red and pink balloon hearts and hearts hanging from the ceiling. We used to put heart confetti on the table but it became to hard to clean up. So, these are cute and easy to do! I’d just use chop sticks… Which wouldn’t look as good, but whatever! 🙂
3. I made a cup like this for my father’s birthday. If you do decide to do this my big tip is, do your very best not to smear it! I hadn’t notice a smear until I had already put it in the stove! It just added to the feel, along with some messed up balloons… I like sharpie mugs, it makes something already amazing (coffee mugs) more awesome and personal. And these last awhile, as long as you hand wash them, so you can remind your special someone you love them all year long…
4. Rose garland, if I had enough roses in my garden I would make this! I love having fresh flowers in my house, makes you smile and they smell good!

So, I hope this was helpful in either inspiring you or getting you into this loving season! Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Valentines DIY Links!

    1. When I made mine, as I said, it is really easy to smudge the drawing! I tried to wait a little while before moving on to different sides of the cup so that I wouldn’t accidentally smear it! Other than that, I agree! I had a lot of fun making my cup! One of my favorite parts was coming up with the design. 🙂

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