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Hi guys! How has your Saturday going? Since reading Jen’s post Dirtier Than Ever which was about saying thanks to trash collectors, how kind is that? Anyways, she mentioned TED talks. Which I had never heard of before, it sounded interesting so I got the app. For other people who haven’t heard of it, TED talks is a website with inspirational videos. One of the first videos I watched was about a girl named Tavi Gevinson and her new magazine/website. This TED talk was filmed in 2012, and since then her magazine has developed. I have to say that I am inspired by her, she started blogging when she was only 11! And she has some very opinionated feelings about feminism, which I hadn’t given much thought before. After watching her talk, I quickly checked out her website. I love it already. Her, well it is now sort of a group, website has a very specific audience. Teenage and young adult girls. I decided, after reading through her blog, that I was going to show 5 of my favorite posts! Well, out of the few that I had read.

  1. Fake It Till You Make It, I think that this was my favorite post. It talks about confidence, and as the tittle suggests, faking it till you make it.
  2. Friday Playlist: Leave Me Alone, these songs sound really interesting. The song that was showed is really good!
  3. Fast Car, Rookie doesn’t only show playlists and blog like posts. Artists (although, writers are a type of artist) are also showcased. These are some wonderful pictures!
  4. Lorde Interview, an interview with Lorde! How cool is that? 11 whole pages about Lorde, which is a lot… I didn’t read it all, but from what I read it sounded interesting!
  5. Hung Up On a Dream, although I don’t know an Edward Meadham, these were some really wonderful collage pictures! I like to think of myself as a collage-r. These are some pictures of fashionable collage art works.

So if those tittles interested you, than you will love the posts! If you want more Tavi after watching her talk (I wouldn’t blame you) here is her blog! Which started it all. 🙂 Have a great weekend and I hope that you guys decide to check everything out!


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