She & Him Playlist

Hi guys! How has your Tuesday been going? Mine has been very slow, but every school day is… To lighten up the mood, at least for me, here is a fun playlist by an artists I recently found. I know that She & Him has been out for awhile, but I have only just heard them… I really like Zooey Deschanel and I wanted to hear more of her. 

In my opinion, She & Him has a tune that you want to dance to! Well, most of their songs. Their songs are catchy and the lyrics get stuck in your head. Believe me, I’ve been singing I Thought I Saw Your Face Today over and over…

Here is a bit of their description from their website:

“Since the release of the band’s album Volume Two in 2010, much has happened to both She and to Him. Deschanel, whose television show New Girl has cemented her status as a sitcom star, continued to hone her songwriting skills, writing the theme song for her new show, in addition to being nominated for a Grammy for Best Original Song for the movie Winnie the Pooh. She wrote songs for Volume 3 during small pockets of downtime while filming New Girl, as Ward toured the world behind his latest solo creation, A Wasteland Companion, which was released to massive critical acclaim last year. Together and separately, the duo has sold over a million albums domestically – a testament to their classic sonic arrangements, their rich, incomparable voices, and their ability to craft pitch-perfect, Brill Building-esque choruses around timeless, universal themes.”


What I find really amazing, is that both have their own separate thing, but they still come together and put together a wonderful band! I hope that you guys like these songs and have a wonderful week!


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