Pinterest 29!

Pinterest 29!

Hi guys! Happy Friday!!! This week’s theme is, “Everything you can imagine, is real.” (The quote picture…) I know that most of my pictures seem to be about traveling and seeing the world….

Well, traveling is important. (Not that I would know…) This theme can mean different things. In the photographs, every other day those two girls are living a regular life. And, lets just pretend that they are imagining the view in front of them. (Think of the Secret Life of Walter Mitty.) Those girls, lets call them Lizzie and Emma, live regular lives. Lizzie is a librarian and Emma works in a Starbucks. Constantly they are imagining themselves traveling the world. Lizzie dreams of the snow and Emma wants to see the world. They both know that everything they are imagining is real somewhere.

So one day, Lizzie and Emma will get to see the world. Lizzie will take a break from her job and travel to Alaska or some snow place… And Emma will go back to school and become a traveling photographer. Perhaps they will meet each other, both fulfilling their dreams.

So… That was random. But if could happen… Definitely. Have a good day and weekend! I hope that you get a lot of sleep, because everyone could use more sleep.


7 thoughts on “Pinterest 29!

  1. I spent the last 5 minutes clicking buttons here and there looking for the comments option! 😛
    Anyway, this post is wonderful!
    Maybe I like it the most out of all your posts.
    I’m a Lizzie or an Emma myself.
    Wanting to travel the world, discovering new places, meeting new people.
    It’s amazing how Serendipity can work it’s magic…

    1. I am so sorry! I have been having a hard time finding a theme I really like… Aww, I am so glad that you liked this post! I just decided that I wanted to write a short, little, story about these two girls. I see myself in them, too. I, too, want to see the world, taste new foods and meet new people. 🙂 I love the word serendipity, I never hear anyone ever say it. I smiled when you wrote it! 😀 Thanks!

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