Happy International Woman’s Day!!!


Hi guys! Happy International Women’s Day! So, I have warring feelings about today.

A part of me wants to yell and say, why isn’t every day Women’s Day? Why can’t women be celebrated everyday? Because we should be. Every women, should feel special every day. Not because society has saved a day for women. We, as women, should make celebrate ourselves everyday. Everyday we should be thankful for how far we have come.

Which brings me to my next point, isn’t it wonderful that there is a day when we can think of our past as women. Because, being honest, how many of us think of woman’s journey through life, everyday? We don’t all think of Marie Curie, the first women to be granted a Nobel Prize (twice!) for her studies on radioactivity, every morning. And we don’t all think of Louisa May Alcott, one of the first female writers who sold her books (such as Little Women) for the masses in the 19th century, every night. So, in that sense, it is nice to have a day celebrating women and all that we have accomplished.

Celebrating historical women and their accomplishments should be what this day is about. Celebrating women and the amazing future we will create, is what this day should be about. (Please) don’t just take this day to celebrate you, amazing women, Celebrate yourself everyday!

For the longest time, women have constantly downgrading themselves. Thinking that we need makeup to be beautiful. Thinking we need to be skinny, but not to skinny, to be beautiful. Well, that’s not fair or the truth. We all come in different colors, sizes and shapes. And that is what makes us beautiful. Not the inches of makeup on our faces, not the brandname of our clothes. We are all different, there is no one image that is ‘beautiful’. Our actions, our smiles, our words and love is what makes everyone beautiful.

Now, this isn’t just for women. Constantly women are thought to be the only one worried about their looks. That’s not true, guys feel self conscious too. (Coming from my best guy friend.) Guys, you are all very handsome people. I am sure.

So, with these thoughts and pictures in mind, have a wonderful day!

If you want to read more about awesome, historical women here is a good website:


If you want to read about the American Feminist Movement this website looks promising:




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