Sunday Sweets & Smiles!

Sunday Sweets & Smiles!

Hi guys! SS&S is started by the amazing gals at the Duck and the Owl. Thanks! 😀

This funny picture is especially for Sam of A Blast of Random and for the all of the (other) procrastinators! I am a List Maker, Panicker and a Snacker… It’s a wonder that I get anything done at all…

Here is a link, again, to the wonderful Sarah and Kaitlyn of the Duck and the Owl. Kaitlyn interviewed Youtuber Shannon (CozyTeaReads) about a project she is joining/starting. The African Library Project! I am hoping to send out some books to Shannon! She needs 1,000 books and $500 to start a library in Sierra Leone!

Here is another link, this one about photography! The link is to A Beautiful Mess’s blog, which I love. The link takes you to a goldmine of tips on Jumpology. Which is a beautiful term. I love, and am obsessed, with taking jumping pictures. I am hoping that with these tips my pictures will turn out better! Or, at least how I picture them in my mind! 🙂

Other news to make you smile, 🙂
Once Upon a Time starts again today!!!!! YEAH!!!! They took a break for awhile and I am so happy that they are starting again!!! I need to know what happens!!! They left it on a huge cliff hanger!

I got into the most prestigious high school in my state…. ASDFGHJK!!!! *Jumping around the room with tears of joy* Yeah, wow…. I am the only one in my 8th grade class to have gotten in. Which is a huge, huge, huge (did I mention huge?) honor. The only problem, that isn’t that small, it’s the most expensive high school… By far. So. Well, I am crossing my fingers for financial aid. Lots of it…. But still, I got in!

Have a great day and weekend!!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Sweets & Smiles!

  1. Congratulations on getting into the High School you wanted! Your hard work must have paid off 🙂 Love that picture at the top, I am definitely a cleaner and a list maker.

    Rosie x

  2. So I am a List maker, Napper, Occasional Snacker and most importantly, A Sidetracker!
    You wouldn’t believe that so many of my blog posts exist today because i wrote them instead of doing some other and more important stuff!
    Congratulations about the High School!!! So happy for you.. 😀

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