Hello guys! Happy Saturday! (be prepared, I am in a weird writing mode…) 
I am an impatient person.  I feel anticipation for the future. For the unknown. For the plane and car rides, that will take me away. For the handshakes and new faces. I feel anticipation for the weeks to come. For the letters in the mail, signed with Congratulations, with capital C’s and exclamation marks. Or small letters, easily confused with bills and other unhappy, small, letters. Letters that say sorry, lower case ‘s’ and a period. How simple these two letters are. But each one that comes changes my future. 
I feel anticipation for my brother, who has all the odds stacked up high and reaching the sky, against him. 
  • To look forward to, especially with pleasure; expect
  • To deal with beforehand; act so as to mitigate, nullify, or prevent
  • To cause to happen in advance; accelerate.
  • To use in advance, as income not yet available.

So many different meanings. When you think of anticipation, what do you think of? 

I think of the future, and how uncertain it is. How nothing is set in stone. How everything can change, just like that. I think of the joy to come, the unknown smiles and laughs. The tears and farewells. The mountains that everyone climbs, all of the tiny hills and bumps leading to the biggest challenge. The great places to come. The ‘todays’ that will change every ‘tomorrow’. 

But I am not afraid. Even if I was, no one can stop time. And with time, change happens. Because time is a part of life, standing, hand in hand,  next to change. So, I find no point in being afraid. Not in life, nor time.  I believe in fate. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that we are all here for a reason. Anticipating the next hurtle life throws at us. And maybe, we will never know what that reason is, until the very end. A few lucky people, will realize their greater purpose. But for most of us, we are in this life blindly. 

Have a good day! 😀



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