Pinterest 30!

Pinterest 30!

Hi guys! How has the week been? Let’s just say, I am sooo very happy that this week is over. And it is now Spring Break!!!! Yeah!!! I am so excited! This week’s theme is, To Be True To You.

I am known for not only my avid reading but also how emotional I am, when reading. I am asked often, Is she crying again? Another character die?
Well, yes.
I yell at my books and call characters stupid…
But that is just apart of me! I love reading, I feel connected to the characters and I want to share my feelings with the world.
No, I am not going to change. I am still going to yell at my book.

I am going to do everything I want to do. Within a bit of reason. Ok, I am in a bit of a confident mode because of Spring break… But I want this to be my motto. I want to be ‘me’, and not regret never doing something.

Explaining the pictures: Something about that picture of that girl says confidence, to me. Maybe the black mask, which makes her look like an undercover superhero? Hmmm…. I wanted to add a photograph but I couldn’t find one that really matched. So, why not have a forest? There is something calming about forests.

Have a great day and weekend! I have some good news! This Wednesday I am going to Oregon! I am very, very, very excited! I am going to gone for about 6 days. I may post some pictures from my phone (if I can figure the app out.) but otherwise there will be no posts after Wednesday. I know I could have told you this Tuesday, but I wanted to tell you guys early!


2 thoughts on “Pinterest 30!

  1. Have a great spring break – and woo hoo – have fun in oregon – can;t wait to see the pics – either not he trip or afterwards.
    have funnnnnnnnn


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