Pinterest 31!

Pinterest 31!

Hi guys! This week’s theme is: ‘Follow Your Heart and Do Whatever You Want.’
That means sometimes doing the crazy and unorthodox thing. That means opening the chocolate jar (which is a cute idea) and having a little bit of sugary goodness. This means doing what you have always truly wanted to do. But also knowing when you should stop, knowing what is impossible and what you really want.

People go through their whole lives to figure out what they really want and who they are. I think you find those answers by doing what you love and surrounding yourself by people who you love. If you love to cook, draw, take pictures, write, whatever it is that makes you smile, don’t stop. Invest your time in your happiness. Because at the end of the day, what really matters?

One day you will forget about some of your accomplishments that once meant so much to you, but you will never forget the people you loved or what you loved doing. At least, I hope so.

With these thoughts in mind, have a great day and weekend! Tomorrow I will have some more Portland pictures to share! 🙂


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