Thoughts on Portland, Oregon.



Hi guys! I am back! 😀 I had a great trip going to Portland, Oregon! I also went to see Bend and Eugene! But for now I am just going to talk about Portland…

During vacations, and most regular days, mornings seem the most hopeful. After you really wake up, it feels like anything can happen. That’s how I felt about Portland, most of the time. When I first got there, I was freezing. I think it was around 50. Which is the coldest air I have ever felt. Breathing in and out, I was stunned! I could see my breath, just like in the movies! Thankfully it was night and no one could see me countinously breathing in and out… I probably looked really weird. The day after, I was again stunned. Portland trees loose their leaves! I’ve never been in a place for Autumn, a place where the leaves fall.

They really aren’t kidding when they call Portlanders weird. They are. Among the old brick buildings, here was a crazy generation of wonderful freaks! Guys with red mohawks, riding an electric unicycle while playing the bagpipes and wearing a Dark Vador mask and matching cap. Seriously, I saw that. Proof:


Yeah…. But the good thing is, if you aren’t doing that, you don’t stand out! You can wear bright red converse and you won’t be the weirdest person around. On the red converse thought, second hand vintage-y shops are awesome! I went to a place called Buffalo Exchange and scored a pair of converse for only $18 compared to it’s normal price of $40 and higher!!!! I love them! 😀

Something the travel brochures don’t mention is how much homeless and smokers there are. I swear, it felt like every other corner brought another homeless person. It’s kind of depressing. And everyone smokes! EVERYONE! Which is also depressing. And, not to state the obvious, but Portland is a city! A dirty, buildings everywhere and lack of color with to much people, place. It’s probably obvious that I don’t live in a city. I don’t know if I really like cities, there is a LOT of people. Wow.

With saying that, I still loved Portland. There’s just this feeling, like anything could happen. This inspiring, ‘do something’, vibe. I really miss Oregon, especially Portland. I can’t wait to go again and to leave my hometown for good! It was really sad having to board the plane to come back.

So, back to blogger business! I have a lot, and I mean a LOT! Of pictures to share with you guys! (663, 661 now, to be exact… Not that I am showing all of those…) Have a great day! And remember…


(Look 660 more to go!)


8 thoughts on “Thoughts on Portland, Oregon.

  1. who cool -love the death vader mask and like this that you wrote:
    “a crazy generation of wonderful freaks!”
    and regarding the smoking, well a lot of people smoke around my town too – in fact, we have huge tobacco company that anchors this town and so our state (virginia) was one of the last ones to finally mandate no smoking in restaurants… whew –
    well – welcome home!

    1. 😀 It was interesting to see him play! He even played the Star Wars theme song on his bag pipes! An odd talent… That’s good that they don’t allow any more smoking in restaurants! I hate the smell of smokers. Since I live in such a small town, the smokers usually stick to one area which others can avoid. But despite that, we don’t have very strict smoking laws, either. Thanks, as nice as the familiarity is, I miss the excitement of Portland.

    1. It was an extraordinary adventure! 🙂 I don’t know if I could live in a city, either. I like the idea of possibilities and how much cities have to offer. But it would take a while to get used to a city… 🙂 It does sound fun to live on a ranch! Talk about possibilities and adventures!

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