Public Art of Portland



Hi guys! Sorry I wasn’t able to show these pictures yesterday, life happens. I happen across that smiling face while I was heading towards a pizza place. Cities, Portland and New York, have some of the best pizza places! Not name branded, such as Dominos, but really good pizza. Anyways, back to the head. The Portland Timbers is their soccer team.

Other odd pieces of art work were scattered around the city, unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of all of them or would I have enough space to show them all. I have found that most Portland public art seems to be based on human bodies but is made with different shapes, giving the pieces of art a different look. Such as… ImageI found these two metal misfits next to the Saturday Market, hopefully I will be able to show those pictures next Saturday!  These guys just seem so happy, and made anyone who passed by them return their smiles.

The last piece of art is… Maybe not exactly public but was created for what seemed everyone’s amusement. A kind enough motive.


Isn’t that the wackiest car? And the man inside seems even more off… A clown nose and a monkey. He is not really smiling at my camera but in fact at Dark Vader. (Check out this post, which shows him and his impressive bag pipe!) Dark Vader kept riding up to his car, they even fist bumped. It was hilarious! Just goes to show you that weirdness and individuality can bring people together…

I hope these works of art made you smile! Have a great week. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Public Art of Portland

  1. Very cool pics! I came over from Y’s award post and glad I did. I visited Portland many years ago, driving up from Central California on the way up to Hermiston so thanks for sharing these and bringing back some good memories 🙂

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