Pinterest 32!

Pinterest 32!

Hi everyone! 🙂 How was your guy’s day? I had a pretty great day, I got to go out with my friends! Which inspired this post!

The past two years have been my best, school and friendship wise. These three wonderful people have taught me so much. Love is not always romantic. When you love a person you are always there for them, want the best for them and do your best to make them smile. People have bad days, sometimes they need to rant and sometimes all you can do is hug them and just sit by them. And thats enough, to know that no matter what, there is a person out there who is willing to do anything for you. A person that you can tell all of your secrets and your fears. Which is such a big relief.

I hope that all of you have those special people out there. And if not, don’t worry. They’ll find you, mark my word. I know from experience. And if they still don’t show up, take a look around you. Who has stood by you when you needed it? Who makes you laugh? Who helps you overcome awkward silences? Make something beautiful out of the ordinary, perfect doesn’t exist. This is something I have struggled with for a long time. Friends are not perfect, no one will understand you EVERY time, real friends understand you 75% of the time and don’t judge you for the other 25%.

Have a great weekend! Oh, and did you see my Friends picture? I had to, it’s one of my favorite shows!


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