Cherry Blossoms

Hi guys! Portland had some wonderful cherry blossom trees! They were so beautiful, my 2nd favorite flower. My 1st is peonies. These pictures were taken at the Japanese American Historic Plaza.



I used macro mode for this picture. Which is a super fun mode where you are able to zoom really close. I like macro photos and I am glad that this one turned out!



There was a couple of these stones with poems written on them. They were very beautiful. This plaza was very serene and calming, a perfect place to come and walk or sit and read (when it’s not to cold).

Have a good Saturday and rest of your weekend! 🙂 Remember, kindness!


3 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms

    1. Where I live we have a different type of cherry blossoms, a darker pink one. Sadly, peonies aren’t to popular. I’ve only seen them in person a few times, but I like pictures of them! 🙂

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