Hi guys!

So, you guys know I only post on the weekends… If that. And thats bad, I know. I used to blog more, I used to have fresh ideas and all of that good stuff. And, well, I am just not into blogging anymore. There, I said it.

I love writing and taking pictures. And I loved meeting and connecting with many different bloggers. I loved reading how your day has gone and being inspired by all the amazing things you have done and are doing.

But lately I just haven’t been into it. I feel like I am to busy writing about things I want to do, and not going out and living. And, I know I don’t spend as much time on here as many other bloggers do. Yet, I want to try other things! Life is about starting new things, gaining and losing interests and trying. I am still learning who I am, and my blog has helped me. But it is just a stop, a new path that (for now) has ended.

This is not a spur of the moment thing, I have thought about this for awhile. And after much consideration, I have decided to take a break from blogging. I am going out and living. I have thought about writing for Rookie, that blog I talked about once? If I do, I will tell you guys about it! And, I am about to start high school. I don’t want to feel bad for not blogging or not giving school my all. I am scared but I want to give it everything I got.

I will come back, some day. And think of all the great things I will have to tell you guys! This is not goodbye, just a see you later. (Wow, how over used is that line?)

Have a great week and life!


13 thoughts on “Hiatus!

    1. Aww, thanks! πŸ™‚ I miss the blogosphere already, too. If all works out, I am hoping to return next week!! I found some possible cites that might help me improve my blog. So, fingers crossed!

  1. Taylor – breaks can be very good – and even though we will miss you much – you are wise to follow the flow of what you know to do!!! And I was just thinking of you the other day ( ❀ ) you are always special to me because you gave me my first blog award. And so I was thinking that if I gave you an award – it would be something like the YSC award – for young sassy and cool – but then – I came up with better adjectives –
    you are young, artsy and wise
    and your hiatus now shows even more of that inner wisdom = because if you force yourself to do something when the flow is gone – well it will start to drain you and the output will stink! That is what happens when we force things – which is different from persevering in other areas – because when it comes to creative outlets (like blogging and all that) well you can't force things and breaks – and CHANGES – are crucial. and so by pausing – and chilling back – well it can lead to some very good things.


    1. Thank you so much! So the first adjectives to describe me were young, sassy and cool? Wow, I’m honored. I don’t think anyone has ever called me ‘cool’. πŸ™‚ And artsy? Thank you, I have always respected and looked up to people who I thought were ‘artsy.’ So, for you to call me that is a real honor. Also, thank you for understanding. I was starting to feel drained, what I was writing wasn’t what I wanted to be writing. My change/break has gotten me thinking about what I want to do. πŸ˜€ I think it has lead to some wonderfully good things… I hope everyone else thinks that too!

    2. thanks for the reply- and well, just wanted to add in a quick quote… sometimes we have to say No to “really good things” so we can pursue the “better things” – oh I don’t know – ha!

      1. Actually, funny that you bring that up, I was recently thinking of the word ‘no’. How, when you say it, it’s either out of confidence (to do what you want, to pursue the ‘better things’.) or out of fear (not doing some fun adventure because of the possibility of something going wrong.)

      1. SAFE AND SECURE NOW. welcome to drumstutor.wordpress.com’s one year anniversary. welcome back to you too. a nice evening where you are today?

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