Sunday Sweets and Smiles! Week 6


Hello everyone! Happy Sunday. 🙂 I usually don’t have themes for SS&S, but I wanted to share what inspired me to keep blogging. So, without further ado…

1. Okay, so the picture isn’t exactly inspiring. I just really like it, it speaks to me. I have so many different thoughts, it’s nice to know others do, as well.

2. This blog post by the wonderful Sam, inspired me the most to come back to the blogosphere sooner. This post was so heartfelt and thoughtful, thank you so much for writing this for me. It was out of laziness and writers block, I know now that blogging (and writing) is a part of me. I kept thinking about it, about posts I wanted to write or pictures I wanted to share. “Ultimately your blog is the place where you grow. You write for months and years. And then one day you come back and realize how much you’ve grown. What better place to analyse yourself than here in the middle of your own thoughts!” Simply beautiful, and true. 🙂

3.  This video was the second most inspiring motivator to come back sooner. The Gap by videographer Ira Glass, is a video for beginners. A video for artists in doubt, and writers in writers block. This one is for you. Watch it, now.

4. This website is a great gateway to improving your blog. Sarahndipities put together a collection of links that take you to experienced bloggers with tips to improve your blog! I’ve been looking and using some of them. 🙂

5. And the last website I would like to show you is a job information cite. More specifically, the magazine journalist job information page. This is what I want to do. I want to see the world and share my thoughts. And I love magazines, you should see my collection. I’m a hoarder. I’ve always wanted to work for a magazine, this website gave the hard facts and the specifications. They have a lot of information on many different jobs, if you want information or inspiration browse through this website!

6. Has anyone heard of the band First Aid Kit? Well, I love them. These are some lyrics from my favorite song by them (and favorite song in general), My Silver Lining. 

Something good comes with the bad
A song’s never just sad
There’s hope, there’s a silver lining
Show me my silver lining

Check them out! Their new album, Stay Gold, comes out June 10th. I am so super excited!!!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Sweets and Smiles! Week 6

  1. Wow! I’m so happy you’re back 😀
    And I’m glad to have been one of the reasons for you being back.

    I checked out Sarahndipities- really cool blog.
    I had seen the Zen Pencils comic for the Ira Glass video and everytime I feel like quitting, that’s the comic I go see again.

    You want to work for a magazine? That’s awesome! Good luck!

    1. 🙂 Of course you were a reason! I never knew of Zen Pencils, but I just checked it out and I already love it! What a cool blog and such a talented artist. I know I want to write and I love magazines, so it would be a perfect fit! I just love the feel of magazines and the happiness I get when my next one comes in the mail. I want to share that feeling. 🙂

  2. I am going to bookmark this page and come back to check the links later – nice variety – and cool that they inspired you Taylor – I mean – sassy cool artist you! 🙂

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Yep, I am SCA (sassy, cool, artist). And you are CTA (creative, talented, artist- because you create beautiful works of art, both with your camera and your words.)

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