Sunday Sweets and Smiles! Week 7

Sunday Sweets and Smiles! Week 7

Hi guys! My wifi hasn’t been working all weekend, so I am glad it is now!

1. Poorly Drawn Lines, this blog has such funny, stupid and random comics. (Just look above!) You just have to smile… Are you smiling? 🙂

2. Have you ever heard of Susan Cain’s book, Quiet? Although I’ve never read the book, I know it’s good. She writes about the power of the quiet people, the introverts of society. Here, is a quiz that may help you decide if you are an introvert or an extrovert. Probably not to hard to guess, I am an introvert. (I think I wrote something about this awhile back…) I like my solitude, strong interests and my few (but close) friends.

3. Ok, I know that Cassandra Clare’s new book, City of Heavenly Fire has been out for awhile… But I just recently saw it in a bookstore and I am so excited to start reading it!! And on the wonderful subject of books, I am reading the Scorch Trials. The second book in James Dashner’s thrilling series, the Maze Runners (the first book). Oh my gosh, this book. It is action packed, emotional and so darn, freaky! Dashner really has a gift with writing. He stole me out of my bed, on a hot day and threw me into a scorched land full of murderous, monstrous…. 🙂 I hope you decide to start this series!

4. The artist of the week is Haim! I don’t really know how to describe there music, but just now that this sister trio has beautiful lyrics and enchanting music. With strong guitars and weird faces while singing (just watch Don’t Save Me and look at their faces!), you will be love them as I do!

5. Oh, and I graduated from middle school on Friday…. FREEDOM!!! LET SUMMER BEGIN…. And high school…

Have a great day! I have a new summer blog project that I will be introducing soon!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Sweets and Smiles! Week 7

  1. Poorly Drawn Lines is hilarious- loved it!
    And you forgot to put the link for the introvert quiz… XP
    Was sort of looking forward to that one.
    Congratulations on graduating middle school- enjoy your holidays! 😀

  2. Congratulations on graduating! I miss summer holidays *sniffs* I’ll have a listen to Haim since I’ve really liked some of the bands you’ve mentioned on here before 🙂 you’ve also reminded me I really need to read The Maze Runner, it’s been sat on my Kindle for about a year now.

    1. Yeah, summer is the best. I am glad that you have liked the music I have shared, I have a weird music taste… I’m glad someone likes it, too! 🙂 You should defiantly read it! As you can tell, I loved it. And the movie is coming out sometime this year! I am super excited to see it. I’ve had the Scorch Trials for awhile, just waiting to be read. I finally have some time, and it’s better than I had hoped for!

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