Serendipitous Bookmark (SCD #3)


Hi guys! Do you see that bookmark up there? In that library book? Obviously not my handwriting? (It’s far to pretty to be mine!) Yeah. Wow, I just found this happy (as happy as a quote about jealous can be.) bookmark. Remember my helpful adventure that I did about a week ago? What a coincidence…

ImageThere are two stamps on this bookmark, on the front there is three stars and on the back there is a pig with it’s ears colored in. Also on the back is a date. I don’t know what the date means, this book wasn’t borrowed anytime near or in March.

Keri Hilson (the author of the quote) is an American R&B singer and actress. I’ve never heard of her until today. This quote is actually a lyric to one of her most popular songs, Pretty Girl Rock. Some other lyrics include…

My name is Keri, I’m so very
Fly oh my, it’s a little bit scary
Boys wanna marry, looking at my derrière
And you can stare but if you touch it Imma bury

Get yourself together, don’t hate (never do it)
Jealousy is the ugliest trait (don’t, never do it)
I can talk about it ’cause I know that I’m pretty
And if you know it too then ladies sing it with me

To read more of her lyrics, click here. Not exactly my kind of music. This song was apart of her second album (No Boys Allowed) but it didn’t come out in 2011, it came out a year before. We have a mystery before us…..

What do you guys think this date means? Do you think the person meant to leave the bookmark in this library book? How was your week? Have you ever heard of  Keri Hilson? Are you a fan? Have a great day!



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