Nan Lawson (SCD #4)


Hi guys! Happy Saturday! For this week’s art post I wanted to share the works of Nan Lawson. I have recently discovered her work and I love it! She illustrates portraits, couples, book and magazine covers and lots of nerdy figures. Such as everyone’s favorite trio…



Aren’t they adorable? 🙂 In most of her portraits the people have their eyes closed, but recently she has been drawing them sideways with their eyes half open. Her couple pictures are very simple, and very sweet and romantic! Also, she draws movie scenes. I always really like those. Guess which movie this is…



Moonrise Kingdom, have you seen it? I really enjoyed this movie.

Here, is a great video of her drawing. Diversity is my favorite piece of hers. And her online portfolio, which has links to her Etsy. Do you guys like her?


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