Urban Sketching (SCD #6)

notes Denver 16th St Mall

(16th St. Mall, Denver. By James Richards)

Hi guys! As you can probably tell, I really like art. Today I would like to share a new type of art, urban sketching. Unlike Nan Lawson’s cutesy style, urban sketching is more realistic. As far as I can tell, an urban sketcher draws what they see. You would take your sketchbook and go somewhere, a cafe, park or the beach, and draw. Much like a writer, art tells a story. This type of art shows the world how it is. Doesn’t hide the edges or glorify anything. A huge, probably the biggest, leader of the urban sketching movement is the Urban Sketchers website. This website connects like minded artists and shares their work. (All of the artwork you see in this post are from that website!)

2012-10 Devon Street RGB

Another thing I love about the Urban Sketchers website, is that they have ‘chapters’. People from different countries or cities can create their own chapter, and their artwork would be about their specific chapter. Like, the picture above of a street in New Plymouth, Aotearoa, New Zealand. Other artists in that place contribute their art under that chapter, as well. Also, in these chapters you can have links to artist workshops and opportunities, as they are called on the website. Wouldn’t that be cool? To meet up with like minded artists and draw together and share tips?


So, I would tell you where this picture isa from…. But it’s all in Spanish. I am guessing it’s in Spain, considering that I found it under that chapter. I think that urban sketching is such a great way to remember a place. More personal than a picture, if you understand what I mean.

Have a great week!

Do you like urban sketching? Are you an urban sketcher? I would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂




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