Art Journaling (SCD #11)

Hey guys! Happy Friday. This week’s art post is very broad. Art journaling is a relatively new art style but despite this, very popular. Everyone has a different take on it. A basic definition, would be that art journaling is combining different medias (papers, magazine clippings, watercolors, everything.) to express yourself. It’s a very personal art type. Therapeutic in a way, an alternative to diary writing. There is no right way to art journal, if it makes you feel something than you did it right. To me, the reaction is more beautiful than the art work could every be.

After my numerous trials and errors in the art world, I decided to try art journaling. And I love it. I don’t feel pressured to make it look like other’s or to worry about a pretty page. Sometimes there is bad pages, and that’s fine. Today I will be showing you two of my favorite art journal blogs and artists. Next week, I’ll be showing you some of my work! πŸ™‚


This artwork is from Everyday is a Holiday. About a year back they had an art journal online class. I’ve been slowly going through their posts on it, and I love their teaching style. I hesitate to call it teaching, because really they are sharing techniques. With videos and describing in detail their art process, inspiration is guaranteed.


This blog just makes me so happy! Awkward & Beautiful is such a wonderful blog. Well, was, now. The blogger behind everything recently moved to her new blog, Genuine Major. I love her new blog just as much. In fact, she just inspired me to get a triangle paper puncher. So that I can do this…


So, what do you guys think? I love everything about art journaling. One of my favorite quotes to remember when art journaling (or any type of artistic adventure) is that…
‘art isn’t supposed to be beautiful, it’s supposed to make you feel something’

Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Art Journaling (SCD #11)

  1. Art journaling is the best therapy, I’m loving it. It’s funny that I just published a post about it now. I’ll check the blog that you are linking.

    1. I am really enjoying it, as well! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to check out your blog post. It’s amazing to see how different people have unique takes on art journaling.

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