Happy Birthday Odd Land! First Year Anniversary!


Hi guys! Guess what? Today is the first year anniversary of the Odd Land!!! 😀 Wow, I can’t believe it. I never imagined that I would be here today, still blogging, a year ago. Yes, there was a few times where I almost quit. But you guys inspired me to keep blogging! And I am so, so, happy that you did!!!

So happy, that I decided to bake a cake. Which turned out to be so much harder than I thought. Just a simple cake mix, right? No, don’t let it fool you.

This Odd Land has 222 occupants! 222 followers in just a year! (And 205 posts!)  You guys make me so happy, I am just bursting with excitement. I have changed so much over this past year, have grown. This blog has helped me to be so happy, thank you for that.


Today is a wonderfully beautiful day, lets celebrate the existence of this blog with a bite of virtual cake! (That is a reference to another post of mine, can you guys which one? You’ll get a virtual hug…) I can’t wait to continue to blog with you guys! Have a great week. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Odd Land! First Year Anniversary!

  1. Hey Congratulations!!!
    I’ll soon complete a year too and it feels so great doesn’t it?
    To still be here a year later?

    Your cake looks so delicious. I wish I could have an actual bite of the actual cake. Well, I’ll make do with the virtual one now. So did it taste as yummy as it looks? (Assuming you did eat it yourself!)

  2. Thanks! It does feel so amazing, blogging is one of the few things I have ever stuck with for a year. I hope to be here next year too! 🙂 The cake was so yummy! I put on loads of frosting, I would have shown pictures but by the time I had bought the frosting it was night and bad lighting… I ate most of it myself! I love all desserts, I have such a bad sweet tooth… 😀

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