Extraordinary Person: Diana Sudyka (SCD #14)


Hi guys! Happy Saturday. For the past two days (and today) I’ve been at band camp. My arms still hurt from yesterday (and today) when I marched around a parking lot holding my clarinet at an awkward angle for about two hours… And it’s only going to get worse! I feel bad for the tuba and percussion players.

Diana Sudyka (soo-dee-kah) is a Chicago based illustrator. Her folk inspired art has reached audiences through numerous ways. Such as book covers, concert posters and other advertisements. One of her most famous book covers is for the “The Mysterious Benedict Society” by Trenton Lee Stewart. Have you guys read this series? I used to love it. Her other clients are prominent names like Whole Foods Market, The Decemberists, The Washington Post, etc.





(See the stamps? She did a whole collection like this.)



I like her illustrations that tell a story, like the wolf one. I can imagine them in some nature magazine. Natural history is also a favorite of Sudyka’s. She draws many illustrations for different animals and nature.

So what do you guys think? Do you like this type of art? I love the simple details and shapes. Nothing is overly complicated or sophisticated. It’s just natural style and storytelling. I like that.

Here, is Sudyka’s website. And here, is her blog! Enjoy, this is where I got all my facts and pictures.

Hope you had a great Saturday, sorry this is late… Blame band camp.


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