August Photo Challenge!


Hi guys! Monday is my first day at my new school! I am so unbelievably scared, nervous and excited. It’s just so crazy.

Which means my Summer of Carpe Diem is over. Which doesn’t mean that I won’t be seizing the day anymore. It just won’t be my choice on how to seize the day. 😦

See that photo challenge up there? Curtsey of the amazing blog, Fatmumslim. I am skipping the first 8 days, so today being the 9th is my first challenge day!

The theme is ‘mix’. Fatmumslim describes it as, “Combine one or more things together. It could be 2-3 photos joined into one using an App, or it could be a picture of you making a cake. Have fun.”

I decided to do a collage, on my notebooks for school!




What do you guys think? These are my math (Pi…Hehe) and history notebooks. I hope it will make the classes (although, I love history) Β more fun getting to work in these cute notebooks. They are a really easy way to make notebooks more personal! And I just love collaging…

For this new photo challenge, I will show all of my pictures on Saturday or Friday. Maybe you guys want to join me? It sounds like a lot of fun! And I’ve been wanting to take more pictures, what better way? On Sundays I will be getting back into Sunday Sweets and Smiles!

Have a great day and rest of your weekend! πŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “August Photo Challenge!

  1. Hey you know what I just realized?
    That I love your crafty side. And I especially love your collages!
    They look so pretty yet so simple and I always feel like maybe I can do somethinglike that too (not that I’ve tried!).

    But I had read somewhere that artists who can make it look easy are doing it right!

    Enjoy at your new school! All the very best πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks! πŸ˜€ Bright smile on my face, you just made my day!! I am so use to my mom being called crafty, it feels so wonderful being called it myself… But it really is easy! Time consuming, yes. I already have the hobby of cutting stuff out of magazines, being able to finally do something with it is great.

      Thanks, I am nervous! πŸ˜€

      1. You’ll do great at the new school so don’t worry at all.
        Now even I have started cutting things out of a magazine, let’s see if I do something with it.
        Your mum’s crafty too?
        What exactly does she do?

  2. Thanks, my new school has been going well! I found some girls who read the same books as me!!!! I am super excited for the many future book rants we’ll have. πŸ˜€ Just search pinterest there is a never ending supply of inspiration for collages! I started my collaging after I got a cork board, trying to have different themes in different corners. It’s my pride and joy, I update it every month… More of an obsession, I guess….

    My mom’s crazy with the crafts. She has holiday themed ones and we’ve even thrown a craft party. Recently she’s been making earrings, and they are so pretty! I have some skull ones that I love! I’m always jealous of her craft skills, it comes naturally to her. Just yesterday she decided to nail jars to antique looking blocks of wood, so that she can have some place to store her never ending supply of lavender…. It’s almost scary her skills.

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