Recent Art


Hello everyone. Lately I have been doing a lot of art. (You wouldn’t believe how much…) Today I wanted to share some of my favorites. Above is a cross between a hedgehog and Big Foot. I was trying to make a Big Foot but instead it turned into some other creature? I don’t really know but it inspired me to go into a mythical creature craze, which you will see in future posts. My creation (Muahahaha!) was drawn into a Moleskine journal. I am loving this journal so much. I have been hearing so much about them, I had to try one out for myself. And they are pretty amazing. One thing I really like about them is how thick the paper is, pens don’t bleed into the back page.


I really like the background of this project because it is a watercolor bleed. A watercolor bleed is when you brush water onto a page before you being painting with watercolors. Because watercolor paint wants to go were the water is, the paint you add to the wet page will bleed and travel to wherever the water is. I like to use this technique as a background. The unusual thing about this project is that I started with the words, “I want to make a difference.” Usually I do the watercolor bleed and go from there.


Now this one really was a project. I was inspired by this New York Times Newspaper my uncle brought over when he visited my family. My family doesn’t order or buy the newspaper so it was unusual for us to have it. I knew I wanted to do something with it. So I cut out a bunch of different news articles. They were kind of depressing, which isn’t surprising. Then I glued these articles down into different rectangles. Using a red that looked like blood, I painted the edges of one and used a spray paint bottle for the other. Red is often used to express anger and blood, and both are mentioned in the newspaper.


What do you guys think? I have been loving doing my projects. It’s so nice to take a break from reality and to just express invisible feelings and thoughts. I hope you guys have a good week!


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