Taking A Different Turn

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the OddLand.

Every weekend I ride my bike to the same coffee shop. I usually order the same drink, vanilla chai tea, and draw in my journal. Today I did something different. Dr. Who fans know how important a turn is. Going right instead of left can have drastic changes in your life, such as having the Doctor die… But we are not Donna Noble, going right instead of left will not lead to the downfall of Earth and other planets.

Going right instead of left, saying yes instead of no, may not change your life. But trying new things will change how you perceive the world. Going outside of your comfort zone is when you learn about new things. It’s when you can learn more about yourself. This past year didn’t go at all how I expected it too. For one thing, I thought that band would be this wonderful opportunity. I had always loved band, so it seemed obvious that I would continue it in high school. And I ended up hating it. I tried thinking positively about it, imagining I was somewhere else during practices and other methods. But in the end I realized that band just wasn’t for me, no matter how hard I tried to make it work.

For one of the first times I stood up for what I believed was best for me. Usually I just try to get through the bad times without saying anything. And by standing up for myself I learned that I am strong and determined. Now I am in digital photography and loving it. Sometimes it seems scary to try something new or stand up for yourself. But it’s no good to stay in a bad situation.

Not all changes have to be that drastic. Sometimes its fun to just go right instead of left. Or to try a new coffee. Thats what I did today. I went to the new Good Will that recently opened up by my coffee shop. It was really interesting to see all of the clothes, jars and other knicknacks. I also ended up going to a tourist-y shop near my coffee shop. I had never spent much time there so it was fun to walk in. And lastly, I ordered a new coffee. Since I go to the same place so much, I got a free cup! I tried a Thai iced coffee, and I am loving it. It’s very chocolate-y.





Have a great day! Try going a new way…


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