Failure, With An Aftertaste of Lemon.


Hello all. Yesterday I had another adventure. I set out to make a lemon bar. For many reasons, this was not completed. (Heads up, this turned out to be a cook book review…)

Above is the book Cookies, Cookies and more Cookies; by Lilach German. I have been wanting to cook more often for a long time and in the New Year spirit I decided to try with a book full of cookie recipes. What could be easier than cookies? Well, apparently a lot of things. But really it depends on the cookie you chose. If you want easy, don’t start with a lemon bar.

I know that I am anything but a talented chef. But the failure of my lemon bar can not be completely blamed on my lack of culinary skills. For one thing, the ingredients are confusing and unrealistic. It asks for 10 eggs + 10 yolks. This means 20 eggs, just half without the white egg stuff. (See my beautiful culinary knowledge?) With this many eggs you would think you were supposed to bake the lemon bar? No. Instead your supposed to add all the eggs plus a bunch of other ingredients and mix it over a hot stove. This is not enough for 20 eggs!

That was my main complaint with the recipe. Also the crust didn’t have enough flour and was mostly just butter. But you can’t tell while you make the dough, it seems fine before you try to bake it. Admittedly, I should have checked the recipe before I started baking. But I didn’t. So I went through the whole thing before I realized it had the potential to be poisonous. Maybe it would be fine, but from its egg-y texture I think not. After realizing this, I was extremely disheartened. I was so excited for those lemon bars, the picture looks amazing.

This is not the end of my culinary adventures. Nor the end of my lemon bar experiences. I intend to try to bake another lemon bar next weekend and compare the two recipes. I will, of course, share my adventure! I also realized that I haven’t wrote a New Years Resolution post and I will be doing that, too. So please comment your thoughts on cooking, lemon bars, your cooking experiences and any mistakes I may have made! Have a great rest of your week. 🙂

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